Meet Mamta Mam

Today I am going to share my story with you. My name is MAMTAKRISHNA, I started my professional career as a TEACHER, from the age of 19. Gradually it was becoming my routine interacting with kids, knowing them, understanding their psychology. I used to enjoy with them  through teaching methods.  As I feel TEACHING IS HEART WORK. This pandemic made me realise that kids studies should not survive.

I did specialisations in Vedic Maths and Memory. The very next day I decided to KEEP CALM AND TEACH ONLINE.I took this pandemic situation as a positive attitude \ prospective and decided to start master class for Vedic maths or minimal fees. As I found this concept of Vedic maths is a superb content which every child should experience and improve his academic performance.

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 Learners Love Vedic Maths & Learning It From Mamta Mam Because:​

  • VEDIC MATHS is world oldest, fastest and accurate system.

  • It gives you confidence as you are doing calculations with speed and 100% accuracy.

  • It is 1500% faster than the normal maths.

  • You become human calculator.

  • It improves your mental agility, acquires better visualisation and concentration.

  • It’s a supporting system which sharpen your brain.

  • It has been scientifically proven that vedic maths is a tool to activate new neural pathways and align left and right brain function, means to use both hemisphere of the brain.

  • Cover 25 concepts in 12 sessions.

  • You Get Notes, worksheets with certification.

  • On a  MISSION  to remove calculator from your life.

  • Become IAS of maths. IAS defines INTEREST,ACCURACY, SPEED. IF these 3 elements will develop in you, your EFFIECENCY will improve.

  • Classes are module in such a way that you will not lost interest for a second. If you want to experience start with a trial masterclass.

  • As famous tag line .. samjh  aayega toh maza aayega.

  • It does not only remove MATHEMATICS PHOBIA from your LIFE. But also, will be providing you the simple hacks to make your complex calculation in a simpler way.