What Is Vedic Maths?​

MAKING COMPLEX CALCULATION EASY & FUN! Vedic mathematics consists of different procedures and rules which can easily be used by anyone who is stuck with almost any kind of mathematical problem, making maths easy & fun. To be able to learn the skills of Vedic mathematics, one should have all the concepts clear about the principles behind it.

It is a common thing that if you want to use anything to solve a particular problem, you have to be crystal clear about its concept. Otherwise you may run into trouble.

In Vedic maths, there are 16 "sutras" that can be used to solve different mathematical problems.


Basically the Vedic mathematical system was first developed in about 1600 BC. But then later on this system was lost. In 1911 this system was revived and then has been used ever since.

Principles of Vedic mathematics multiplication also permit the revision of tables and the pairing of single line division to squaring to mono linear square root equations.

There is also another technique present which can be used for long multiplication. For this method to apply you would have to do the multiplication cross wise, then you would have to find the sum of the two multiplication products. To come to a result you have to arrive you have to do the multiplication process again until you reach with the actual product. The numbers which are obtained could be complex.

So we can say that Vedic mathematics allows the inversion of tables. So this means that the multiplication of complex numbers can also be done by starting on the left portion.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've got the hang of the principles involved, Vedic maths makes it easy to do really complex calculations in your head.